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Purchase Genbox Family History

Genbox Family History 3:  now only $29.95

Your purchase of a license for Genbox Family History 3 entitles you to free downloads of all future maintenance / minor version upgrades in the Genbox Family History 3 series (versions 3.7.2, 3.8, etc.). You will also be eligible for a discount on the next major release (version 4).

Delivery Method

If you have already downloaded the program for the trial period, then all you need is a license number to enable all features. When you pay for the program with a credit card, a temporary license number will be issued to you in an Email message immediately. The temporary license is good for up to 10 days. A permanent license will arrive in a second Email after a brief period, usually a matter of hours, but may take a couple of days. You can enter the temporary license number first, then enter the permanent license number when it arrives, or simply enter the permanent license number.

After you receive your license number, select "Enter Registration Information" from the Genbox Help menu and enter your name and license number to enable all features.

If you prefer, Genbox can be delivered to you on CD-ROM for an additional $10 to cover postage and handling. This option may be attractive if you have a slow internet connection, or if you prefer having the program on CD-ROM. Your license number will still be delivered by Email.

Purchase Online with Credit Card or PayPal

You can pay for Genbox Family History online using VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or PayPal.


Purchase by Mail (Check, Money Order or Credit Card)

To purchase Genbox Family History by mailing a U.S. bank check or money order, or by VISA, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express, click below for a printable order form:

 Printable order form

Purchase from Other Genealogy Suppliers

Genbox is also available from the following suppliers of genealogy products:

United Kingdom
   TWR Computing
S&N Genealogy
Gould Genealogy

If you are a supplier of genealogy software, and would be interested in selling Genbox Family History, please contact us at resellers@genbox.com.


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