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Genbox Sample Reports

Text reports in Genbox can be saved in four formats: 

  • Genbox format (.GRT)
  • Rich Text Format (.RTF)
  • HTML (.HTM)
  • ASCII text (.TXT)

In addition, you can convert reports into PDF format by using one of a number of free or low-cost programs or services. The PDF samples below were created by printing to Free PDF. You can also set preferences to have generated reports opened automatically in your word processor, such as Microsoft Word.

Reports saved in GRT format can be reloaded into Genbox for viewing and printing. Reports saved in RTF format can be opened in your own word processor for viewing and editing. Reports converted to PDF format can be viewed directly with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, supported by most web browsers. Reports saved in HTML format can be uploaded to your own web site and browsed online. TXT format is good for saving table-based "Other" reports, which can then be loaded into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. 

  • Descendant Narrative Reports

"Descendants of Reginald Edward Smythe"    RTF    PDF    HTML

  • Family Group Reports

"John Smythe Family"    RTF    PDF    HTML

  • Ancestor Narrative Reports

"Ancestors of John Reginald Smythe"    RTF    PDF    HTML

  • Pedigree Reports

"Ancestors of Joseph Smith"    RTF    PDF    HTML

"Ancestors of Abraham Lincoln" (condensed layout)   RTF    PDF    HTML

  • Calendar Reports

"Royal Birthdays"    RTF    PDF    HTML

  • Outline Descendant Reports

"Descendants of Sir Charles Smythe"    RTF    PDF    HTML

  • Individual Narrative Reports

"Reginald Edward Smythe"    RTF    PDF    HTML

  • Other Reports

"Sources Report"    RTF    PDF    HTML

"Events for Reginald Edward Smythe"    RTF    PDF    HTML


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