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Genbox Family History Reviews



a publication of the Computer Genealogy Society of San Diego (CGSSD)

"REVIEW: Genbox Family History", by Mike Armstrong
Vol. 21 No. 4 - December 2008
Full text online (PDF)

" a real powerhouse, loaded with very extensive capabilities and innumerable options that can be customized and tweaked to satisfy the most demanding user. While it may take some work to wring out the maximum benefits from all its features, it will pay off with pleasing results that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate in other genealogy programs."


Family Tree Magazine

"Outside the Box: With its topnotch organizational and chart-making capabilities, Genbox Family History breaks the typical genealogy software mold."
In "The Toolkit", by Rick Crume

August 2004

"Most genealogy software falls into one of two categories: either it produces great graphical charts or it offers useful tools for organizing your family history, but not both... Genbox Family History 3.1 has quietly emerged as one of those rare genealogy programs that handle both charts and organization with aplomb."


Genealogical Computing

"Genbox Family History 3.0", by Gordon Gray
April-June 2004

"I was extremely impressed with this software and found that it had all the capabilities that an experienced genealogist would need. It appears to be easy to learn... It is an excellent value for the price.."


Dick Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

"Genbox Family History 3.0", by Dick Eastman
Vol. 8 No. 7 - February 17, 2003
Full text online

"I found Genbox Family History 3.0 to be an excellent genealogy program. It tracks almost all the data elements that experienced genealogists expect. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of printed charts and reports, along with Web reports and support for multimedia..."


Australian Family Tree Connections

"Genbox Family History 3", Computers and Genealogy, by Mark Lang
Vol. 11 Issue 5 - May, 2003

"I really did have fun creating all the different types of charts available...Genbox is a full-featured product and a powerful one at that. I believe its strengths come from the expansive amount of preferences allowable..."


Association of Professional Genealogists Quarterly

"Genbox Family History 3.0", by Denise L. Moss-Fritch
Vol. 18 Issue 6 - June, 2003


Family Chronicle

"The Current State of Genealogy Software", by Jim Byram
Vol. 7 Number 6 - July/August, 2003
(presents an overview of six software packages)

"Genbox is a complex, unique and evolving genealogy database program...Many of the interface elements can be customized... The default sentence template for events is shown and you can preview the sentence and footnote... As expected, a program that evolved from a charting program has a wealth of graphical charts and an extensive set of reports."


PC Basics 'Family Tree' Edition

"Genbox Family History"
Issue 62 - October, 2003
(Reviews five genealogy programs and includes CDROM)

"The sheer ocean of information you can enter into Genbox Family History is enormous... Sourcing your research is paramount in genealogy and Genbox enables you to record this in as much detail as you require... This program is far superior to many other genealogy efforts we've seen over the years."


NGS NewsMagazine

"Genbox Family History 3.0.18", by Bill Mumford
Vol. 29 Number 5 - September/October, 2003

"The design of Genbox has been influenced by the NGS GENTECH Data Model, and embodies much of the current thought on how a genealogical database should be structured. It is designed to permit the recording of all evidence as it is gathered, thus allowing the researcher to track the progression of a research project from its inception to the final assertion."


New England Ancestors

"Genbox Family History 3.1.4", by David Allen Lambert
Vol. 4 nos. 5-6 - Holiday, 2003

"Download this program to see how versatile it is. I think you will find Genbox Family History will support all of your database needs, as well as offer spectacular charts and reports of your data."

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