Chart Options View: Styles Page

After choosing which individuals to show, the layout for the chart, and the content for each individual, the next choice is the display style for the data: the fonts, line styles, colors and shading, and box shapes. The Styles page is for this purpose.

The top part of the page contains a list of groups for which styles can be defined. The buttons to the right of the list allow you to add more groups. This list of groups is the same as appearing on the Contents page, so you can vary both the content and styles for the defined groups. Special styles are excellent for emphasizing certain individuals, lineages, and selected groups.  

Boxes on rectangular charts don't have to be rectangular. Using a different shape immediately adds interest and draws attention. Box shapes can be specified independently for the head and the tail of the box. Possible shapes include straight, rounded, oval, ellipse, arrow, bevel, inset, inset round, double-round, zig-zag, and inset arrow.

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