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After choosing the individuals to show and how the chart should be laid out, the next choice is what to include for each individual. The Content page is for this purpose. You can set the content for every individual to be the same. Or, you can vary the content for selected groups of individuals, emphasizing what you consider important. You can also vary content for particular event types.

The top part of this page displays a list of groups. For the highlighted group, content settings appear below.

The buttons to the right of the group list allow you to add more groups. The Male/Female button will add two groups: "Male" and "Female". This allows you to set the content to different data for males and females.

Click the Individuals in List or Individuals in Query button when you want to select special content for the boxes of individuals that are members of a predefined list or in the result set of a query. Content for several lists and queries can be selected for a chart. 

Click the Event type button when you want to set different content for particular event types. You will be prompted to select an event type or list of event types. With this feature, you could add a special icon for particular event types, such as a "ship" icon for immigration events.

Field content for for the selected group can be specified separately for the primary individuals, which are the descendants, and spouses, which are individuals added to the chart with a family link.

A text string can be added to all chart boxes for all members in the current group by typing the text in the Add Flag box. An icon can also be added to the chart boxes for all members in the current group.

Multimedia can be shown on the chart, inside and outside the individual boxes, with titles and captions. Separate multimedia choices are provided for primary individuals, spouses, and families.

When no selection is made for a particular content setting, individuals in that group will take the setting from the previous group in the list. This means content settings are layered, with the "Default" content settings at the bottom.

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