Chart Options View: Layout Page

The Layout page is used to select from many different organizational possibilities for your chart. The Preview box displays a small chart of empty chart boxes, demonstrating the current layout settings. 

Direction of Drop refers to the direction that a viewer of the chart would need to look to go from one generation to the next. Clicking one or more of the inner circle of buttons will select a fan chart layout. A fan chart begins in the center of a circle with the key individual, and each generation becomes a ring (either full or partial) around the center.

The Drop Alignment group box allows you to specify how child box groups should be positioned and linked beneath their parent boxes. 

Setting Generational alignment to Relaxed will permit boxes to be drawn either higher or lower than other boxes of the same generational row, or left or right of a generational column. Setting the Generational alignment to Timeline will select a timeline chart layout.

Families can be drawn in two ways: with information on spouses in separate boxes, and with information on spouses in the same box that contains the information on the primary individual. The Single Box for Couples group controls this selection.

Charts are produced in wall-chart layout by default. Clicking the Book layout check box will produce a chart that is divided cleanly into pages, suitable for inclusion in a book. Each piece is labeled, and joining lines refer to the continuing part with a reference label.

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