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Reports are rich text documents that can be viewed and edited in a word processor, or web pages that can be viewed in a browser and uploaded to the web. Reports can be narrative text, fill-in-the-blank forms, indented lists, tables, envelopes, or labels. They sometimes include graphical lines, and can include images.

Genbox produces eight general types of reports: Ancestor Narrative, Pedigree, Descendant Narrative, Outline Descendant, Family Group, Individual Narrative, Calendar, and Custom. Custom reports can be defined for 11 data types: Individuals, Places, Events, Citations, Sources, Media, Researchers, Correspondence Log, Research Targets, Projects, and Lists. There are many options for each report type, organized onto eleven pages on the Report Options View.

Many reports are based on key individuals. The key individuals determine the starting points for the report. When there are several key individuals, each of them will be treated as the starting individual in turn, with the results merged into a single report. The key individuals are entered on the Key page. The default key individual is the current individual on the Individuals View. You can type in additional names, or select individuals from a list or the results of a query.

The Key page also includes a number of layout controls, which vary according to the report type.

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