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Genbox News (17 November 2007)

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Version 3.7.1 Released

Genbox Family History Version 3.7.1 was released today. This free update has some minor enhancements and a number of corrections. To update your copy to the latest version, visit


Tip: Setting the Max DPI Setting for RTF Reports

Genbox version 3.7.1 includes a new Preferences - Operation setting named "Max DPI for RTF Reports", with a default value of 100. This setting gives you control over the trade-off between picture resolution (dots per inch, or DPI) and report file size for rich text format (RTF) reports: a larger value is useful when the report will eventually be printed, while a smaller value is useful when you want to reduce the file size and report save time. This setting only affects how images are saved to the RTF output file. You can change the setting after generating a report and before saving it, so experiment with different settings until you get the results you want.


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