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Genbox News (3 February 2007)

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Version 3.7.0 Released

Genbox Family History Version 3.7.0 was released today. This free update adds support for Windows Vista. It also contains a few enhancements and problem corrections. Translations have been updated for Slovak, Polish, and Russian. To update your copy to the latest version, visit


Russian Translation Completed

Genbox version 3.7.0 includes a Russian translation of the interface, event templates, flag names, and identifier types. This brings the total number of languages with largely completed translations to 11. Thanks goes to Ilia Vinikovetsky for providing the Russian translation.


Tip: Selecting Languages for Initialization Data

Have you noticed Event Type records in strange languages? Event templates, flag names, and individual identifier types can be defined for multiple languages. This data is used by Genbox when producing charts and reports. It allows you to produce output in the language of your choice. This initialization data is not stored in the DLL resource file for each language. Instead, It is stored in a special "Support" Genbox database, compressed in the zip file GBXDBINI.GDZ.  When a new database is created, either when importing a GEDCOM file or when creating a new empty database, the data in the GBXDBINI.GDZ file is used to initialize several tables. The default initialization data is defined for 11 languages. Now, suppose you want to select only one or two of these languages translations to keep, and delete the records for other languages. What is the best way to do this?

To delete initialization data for one or more unwanted language translations in the current database:

You will be prompted to confirm the operation. Once complete, you will no longer see event template records and other record types in the deleted languages.


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