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Genbox News (27 January 2006)

Genbox News is a free periodic newsletter with product announcements, program tips, and other news of interest to users of Genbox Family History.

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Version 3.6.3 Released

Genbox Family History Version 3.6.3 was released January 27, 2006. This free update contains a few enhancements and a number of corrections. Translations for Dutch (Netherlands) have been added, and translations have been updated for Danish, German, and Polish. To update your copy to the latest version, visit


Price Reduced!

The regular retail price has been cut in half! Now you can buy the full version of Genbox Family History for only  $29.95! Thoughtful Creations is pleased to make this wonderful program an even better value. Get busy with your family history today! Visit


Join the Genbox Users "Frapper" Map

A Frappr map has been set up for Genbox Users. You are invited to join this map at Frappr lets you "visualize where all your friends are on a world map." As more people join, this map will be useful in finding other Genbox users in your area. Also, it's fun to see where Genbox users live, and several users have included pictures, too!


New Feature Highlight: Report Results Lists

There is a powerful new report feature in version 3.6.3: the "results" of the most recent report are now written to the special activity list "Report Results". For narrative reports, this is a list of the main entry individuals. For custom reports, this is a list of the main entries after filtering. Also, the "keys" of the most recent report, including custom report types, are now written to the special activity list "Report Keys". For custom reports, this is a list of the main entries before filtering.

This is a powerful feature because the sophisticated filtering tools included in the custom report options can now be used to produce specialized lists of records. And not just individual records. Filtered lists can be produced for any record type that has custom reports: places, events, citations, sources, media, researchers, correspondence, research targets, and projects.


Tip: Identify the Default Researcher

Each time a data record is added or modified in the database, Genbox records the ID of the current researcher. This documents who is responsible for most recently modifying that record. You can view this information by right-clicking on a data field and choosing "Properties".  Data that is entered into the database before a current researcher is identified will be assigned as entered by "default researcher". This marking is really a placeholder that will later be filled in once the current researcher is identified.

On the task bar, the name of the current researcher is displayed. You can set the current researcher by opening the Researchers View and clicking the "current researcher" button on your own record.

What, the Researchers View is empty, you say? When you first create a new Genbox database, there are no "Researcher" records. If you open the Researchers View, it will be blank. You will need to start by entering your own name and contact information. Enter your address in the form you would like other genealogists to use when contacting you. Click the "current researcher" button.

Once you have created a Researcher record for yourself, you are ready to identify yourself as the default researcher. When you do this, all data entered up to this point that had no researcher assigned will automatically be assigned to you. First, make sure your Researcher record is selected. Then select "Identify Default Researcher" from the Data Menu.


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