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Genbox News (14 December 2005)

Genbox News is a free periodic newsletter with product announcements, program tips, and other news of interest to users of Genbox Family History.

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Version 3.6.2 Released

Genbox Family History Version 3.6.2 was released December 3, 2005. This free update contains improvements to data entry, templates, estimated dates, and charts. The Database Selection Dialog offers easier startup options, including access to a "sample" database. Translations for Slovenian have been added, and translations have been updated for Danish, German, and Polish. A large number of problems have also been corrected. To update your copy to the latest version, visit


Save Big in December!

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User's Manual Updated

The information available in the program help file has been organized into a printable Microsoft Word document (507 pages). It has been supplemented with many screen shots to illustrate the program's operation. This manual has been updated for version 3.6.2. It is available at


Tip: Using Chart and Report Submenus

Genbox provides a lot of options for configuring charts and reports. You can learn a lot by trying things out--setting some options, making a chart or report, then setting some different options and making it again. Soon, you will have a set of options that you like and want to keep for the next time, so you choose "Save Options".  The "File Save As" dialog comes up. TIP: if you name your options file correctly and store it to a specific subfolder, then your custom options file will appear automatically as a choice on the Genbox chart or report submenus!

For charts: store your options file to the "Chart Options Menu" subfolder.  For reports, store your options file to the "Report Options Menu" subfolder. Only files in these two special subfolders are used to build the Genbox chart and report submenu selections. If you store your options file in some other folder, select it later from the File Open Dialog by first choosing "Open Options File..." from the bottom of the menu. 

Next, the leading word in your options filename determines the main chart or report menu option that your custom options file will appear under on the submenu. It needs to match the leading word in the main menu option, such as Descendant or Ancestor. Name the rest of the filename with something that will help you remember what options you selected and why. For example, the descendant chart options you selected to make that fan chart for your aunt Edna could be named "Descendant Edna's Fan". On the submenu under "Descendant", there would then be an option named "Edna's Fan". Then the next time you need to send Edna an updated chart, you'll have the right set of options ready to use with just a single menu selection.

Managing Submenu Selections

For users of Windows XP, a right-click popup menu is available for chart and report submenu selections. The choices on the popup menu include Delete, Rename, and Properties. Choose Delete if you want to permanently delete the named options file. Or, choose Rename if you simply want to rename it to something more meaningful. You can also rename or delete an options file using Windows, outside of Genbox.

Remember, the submenu options file choices are provided for your convenience. Feel free to delete any of the default ones (except for "Basic") that you don't like or need, and populate them with your own great creations!


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