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Convergent Chart

Convergent charts show the lineage paths between two or more starting individuals. Genbox will find all possible paths
through the data set.

The sample convergent chart "THREE PRESIDENTS AND A GENERAL" shows the lineage paths between Presidents George Washington, George W. Bush, and General Robert E. Lee:

In this example, two lineage paths were found between Washington and Lee. The shortest path is through his paternal grandmother Mildred Warner. Washington's great-great grandparents Augustine Warner and Mary Towneley were Lee's 4th-great grandparents. This is a direct lineage path. The other convergent path found is through Washington's paternal grandfather, back fourteen more generations to William de Ross, then down 14 generations to Mary Towneley, wife of Augustine Warner. A lineage path is found from George Bush and Robert E. Lee through Alice Plumpton, and a path between George Bush and George Washington through William de Ross.

This sample illustrates the following chart options:

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