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Genbox Family History genealogy software

Version 3.7.1

Genbox Family History offers you all the tools, with all the power and flexibility, that you have been wishing for in your genealogy software. Family tree charts, genealogy research reports, search, media, full source citations, and much more. Genbox puts you in control!

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Download and try out the full version of Genbox Family History for 30 days for free! Then purchase a permanent license for only $29.95. Get busy with your family tree today!


Latest News


JANUARY, 2011:
Genbox Family History a Winner of 2010 GenSoftReviews Users Choice Awards

GenSoftReviews has awarded Genbox Family History more than 4 stars out of a possible 5, based on user ratings, in its 2010 genealogy software rankings. More details are available at their website.

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NOVEMBER 17, 2007:
Version 3.7.1 Released

Genbox Family History Version 3.7.1 is now available on the download page. This update is free for all users.

This version includes some minor enhancements and a number of problem corrections. 

The Additional Languages Pack of incomplete translations, a free download, has also been updated.

The full list of changes in this release are described in the release notes.

To update your copy to the latest version, click here.

Newsletter Available

Genbox News is a free periodic newsletter with product announcements, program tips, and other news of interest to users of Genbox Family History. To subscribe, visit the newsletter subscriptions page. To read the current issue, click here.

Overview: Genbox Family History 3

Genbox Family History is a complete genealogy software program. It will help you organize your family genealogy research, store your family history data, enter proper source citations, and produce professional-quality family tree charts and genealogy research reports that you can preview and modify, then print or publish on the web on your own genealogy website. 

There are ten pages of chart options available for controlling the five basic chart types: 

  • Ancestor Charts
  • Descendant Charts
  • Related (Hourglass) Charts
  • Convergent Charts
  • Everyone (all in one) Charts 
Even more options help you control the sixteen basic genealogy report types: 
  • Ancestor Narrative Report
  • Pedigree Report
  • Descendant Narrative Report
  • Outline Descendant Report
  • Family Group Report
  • Individual Narrative Report
  • Calendar Report
  • Individuals Report
  • Places Report
  • Sources Report
  • Media Report
  • Researchers Report
  • Correspondence Log Report
  • Research Targets Report
  • Projects Report
  • Lists Report 

For more information on the many features of Genbox, click here.

Take the Tour

See what using Genbox is like with this guided tour of the user interface of the program. To start your tour of Genbox Family History, click here.

Sample Charts and Reports

See what you can produce with Genbox Family History! Charts are graphical in format. They can be box charts, wall charts, fan charts, and other formats. Reports are HTML or text documents that you can edit in your own word processor. These can be genealogy research reports, pedigrees, or complete family histories.

Genbox Compared to Other Products

How do you choose your family tree software? Compare the features of Genbox with those of Legacy, Family Tree Maker, RootsMagic, and other genealogy software programs, and you will understand what sets Genbox apart! For a genealogy software features comparison chart, click here.

Download and try FREE for 30 Days

Genbox Family History offers a free 30-day trial period. Use this time to try out the program first and find out if this family history software is just as wonderful as you hoped. The program is fully functional during the trial period.

After the trial period, the program will go into "read-only" mode. Data entry will be disabled, but all other features will still work. You can view your data, make family tree charts and genealogy research reports, and export to GEDCOM.

To try out Genbox Family History, visit the downloads page.

Trial Period Extension

If 30 days is too short to fully evaluate whether this family history software meets your needs, request a FREE 30-day extension. Send an email to Please include your FULL NAME, and any comments you might have.

GENBOX-L Mailing List

Join the GENBOX mailing list on RootsWeb to discuss Genbox Family History with other users. You can ask questions, suggest new features, and hear about upcoming releases. All messages are sent to everyone who has joined the list.

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To Join: send an email to with the word "subscribe" as the subject line. 

To Post: after you have joined, send your messages to and they will appear on the mailing list. (This posting address is different subscribe L Subscribe D than the joining address.)

"We have found what we consider to be the most versatile chart creating program in the world. We use Genbox commercially to print family tree charts for customers worldwide and we have not yet found a program to beat Genbox for the variety of charts and chart options that the program is capable of producing."

Ron O'Neill, C.E.O

"Most genealogy software either produce great graphical charts or offer useful tools for organizing your family history, but not both. Genbox has quietly emerged as one of those rare genealogy programs that handle both charts and organization with aplomb."

Rick Crume,
Family Tree Magazine

"I was extremely impressed with this software and found that it had all the capabilities that an experienced genealogist would need. It appears to be easy to learn... It is an excellent value for the price.."

Gordon Gray,
Genealogical Computing 

"Download this program to see how versatile it is. I think you will find Genbox Family History will support all of your database needs, as well as offer spectacular charts and reports of your data."

David Allen Lambert,
New England Ancestors

"The design of Genbox has been influenced by the NGS GENTECH Data Model, and embodies much of the current thought on how a genealogical database should be structured. It is designed to permit the recording of all evidence as it is gathered, thus allowing the researcher to track the progression of a research project from its inception to the final assertion."

Bill Mumford,
NGS NewsMagazine

"The sheer ocean of information you can enter into Genbox Family History is enormous... Sourcing your research is paramount in genealogy and Genbox enables you to record this in as much detail as you require... This program is far superior to many other genealogy efforts we've seen over the years."

PC Basics 'Family Tree'

"Genbox is a complex, unique and evolving genealogy database program...Many of the interface elements can be customized... The default sentence template for events is shown and you can preview the sentence and footnote... As expected, a program that evolved from a charting program has a wealth of graphical charts and an extensive set of reports."

Jim Byram,
Family Chronicle

"I really did have fun creating all the different types of charts available...Genbox is a full-featured product and a powerful one at that. I believe its strengths come from the expansive amount of preferences allowable..."

Mark Lang,
Australian Family Tree Connections

"I found Genbox Family History 3.0 to be an excellent genealogy program. It tracks almost all the data elements that experienced genealogists expect. It is easy to use and has a wide variety of printed charts and reports, along with Web reports and support for multimedia..."

Dick Eastman,
Eastman Online Genealogy Newsletter

"I have been using GENBOX for some time now and I recommend it without any reservations whatsoever. A thoroughly brilliant program, with many facets that I have not seen in any other program."


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