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Genbox supports multiple names for each place. The Names page shows a list of the names defined for a place. The standard name is listed first.

When a data record links to a place, it is actually linking to a particular place name, which in turn is linked to the place record. This provides several advantages:

When Replace with standard on input is checked, this name variant will automatically be replaced by the standard name when it is typed into a place box on the Events page and other pages where places are entered. For example, suppose we have a place record for the state "Missouri", and it has a name variant "MO" that has Replace with standard on input checked. On the Events page, you click on the Place box, type "St. Louis, MO", and press ENTER. The text is automatically changed to "St. Louis, Missouri".

There are some advantages to having certain name variants automatically replaced with the standard names.


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