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Release Notes: Version 3.6.5 (June 16, 2006)

This version contains updated translations and documentation, a few enhancements, and a large number of corrections.


1) Auto-generated ages are now stored in the database. This change allows them to appear on reports and be used in queries. On screen, they still show in the auto-generated font (an internal flag marks which age values are actually auto-generated).
2) Media captions are now stored in the Notes table. This change allows better support for embedded source citations.
3) Individuals Table/Names Table: Added "Search Name", "Search Surname": these store the name versions used for searching. They have all diacritical marks (accents) removed. Note: these fields are for internal use only and are not visible to the user.

1) File Menu: "Refresh Data" now refreshes auto-generated ages.
2) Data Menu: "Delete all records in list" has been relabeled to better reflect the operation: "Delete ALL Individual Records" or "Delete Selected Individual Records". When the focus is on one or more of the list view records, only the selected records will be part of a Data Menu "Delete Selected Records" operation.

1) Added flag for Serbian.
2) Translations updated for Danish, German, Polish, and Slovak.

1) "Add" labels in the auto-generated text font have been added to all list boxes. These labels show users where they can enter text.
2) Father/Mother roles: when a male or female gender is assigned to an existing individual, the program now detects if any of the individual's family relationships appear to have father/mother roles reversed, and prompts the user if they should be switched.

1) Names Page: new checkbox option "Search: Individual Names: Ignore diacritics". This sets the default for all "findname" operations.

1) Added checkbox option "Ignore diacritics". This defaults to the setting in preferences. When checked, diacritical marks (accents) stored on names will no longer cause them to fail to match the search pattern.
2) "Phonetic" search is no longer checked by default when selecting individuals on Charts, Reports, and Export.

1) New "Weeks per month" option: "Five, wrap to top". When selected, months that have six weeks will show the partial sixth week in the blank spaces in the first row.

1) Custom Event Reports: place filters without wildcards will now automatically search also for "* Place", "Place,*" and "* Place,*" to match "Place" when levels or modifier has been omitted.
2) Made a slight improvement in generation speed for descendant reports.


1) In the default place names, four country abbreviations that could be mistaken for the more likely UK county abbreviations were removed.

1) Corrected recognition of CONTROL+ALT key combinations for language-specific keyboard mappings. Previously, a menu would be activated for this combination.
2) Corrected date modifier "circa" usage.

1) Added detection for duplicate media links.
2) Export/import of citations on parent relations, number of children, birth group, event ages, event detail, spouses, local site/place pairs, and place names has been corrected.
3) Corrected export of embedded citations that appear before a line break.
4) Citations marked "Exclude" are no longer exported.
5) Surety values are now exported/imported correctly.
6) Export/import of media descriptions corrected.
7) Field codes in notes (including embedded source citations) are now automatically recorded in the FieldCodesLinkSet table. Previously, they were recorded only when "Check Links" was performed.
8) UNICODE version: GEDCOM files with "CHAR" set to "IBMPC" are now imported correctly.

1) Help Menu: corrected blank "How to Register" option.
2) Shortcuts for chart and report submenus are now dynamically assigned; conflicts are avoided.
3) Edit menu: renamed "<<OLE VERBS GO HERE>>" to the more descriptive "Activate Object".

1) The Name Pick Dialog now initializes the default gender on added individuals.
2) Record IDs above record sliders on several pages have been changed to read-only.

1) Corrected some problems with record positioning after deleting records.
2) Invalid dates can now be deleted successfully.

1) For repositories that are places, the [REPOSITORY] code now returns the lowest level place name. For a secondary citation, the short place name will be returned, if defined.
2) For repositories that are individuals or researchers, the place-level repository codes are now implemented: [REPOSITORY LOCALSITE], [REPOSITORY_CITY], [REPOSITORY TOWNSHIP], [REPOSITORY_COUNTY], [REPOSITORY STATE], [REPOSITORY_COUNTRY].

1) Adding an event with a place, deleting the event, then adding a new event: the place field is no longer locked.
2) When double-clicking on a green (auto-generated text) event label to jump to the Events Page, a record of the indicated type is now created automatically, so that edits on the Events Page are properly saved.
3) Corrected problems with editing an existing name and gender.
4) Entry of a unique name in the name search box no longer triggers the display of the pick dialog.
5) Children sorting is now correct when multiple databases are open.
6) Events List: the Place ID value is kept current, so that locking of the place field is done at proper times.

1) When father or mother is entered and the spouse is blank, the user is now prompted for the name of the spouse.
2) If entered father or mother has multiple spouses, the name pick dialog now appears to allow selection of an existing spouse for the other parent.
3) If a female is entered into the "Father" box, and the "Mother" box is blank, the link is automatically moved to the "Mother" box instead. Likewise for a male entered into the "Mother" box.
4) When entering the second spouse into an existing family record with one spouse, and the resulting pair already has a family record in the database, the data is merged into a single family record.

1) The program now accepts user-entered ages that match the calculated age. This will turn off the auto-calculation for the record; that means if the birth date for the individual is corrected, the shown age on the edited event will no longer be updated.

1) Corrected operation of the "Alternate" check box.
2) Source citations on name variants of name-variant events are now stored correctly.
3) The gender of a parent added on this page is now initialized.

1) Corrected display of matches to secondary names so that they consistently show the preferred name.

1) Links to places now show the place ID, instead of the place name ID.

1) Link Page: links to citations now show the full citation "name" in the Name column.

1) Filtering by Citation ID or search string now works correctly.

1) The default reference name for a new media record is now converted to "Proper" case only when the base file name is all uppercase or all lowercase.
2) For media captions with embedded citations, surety levels are now supported.

1) Corrected some problems with editing the correspondence type and direction values.

1) Sizes Page: horizontal/vertical overlap settings are now saved/reloaded correctly.

1) Legend Box: all labels are now translated.
2) Pedigree links are now restored from saved ancestor charts.
3) Corrected drop distance problem that sometimes occured when "Label Generations" was selected.
4) Legend Box source citations, for a repeating source: if any citation elements (lead text, excerpt, CD, annotation, citation #, rationale) that were printed in the last note are empty in the current note, then the secondary citation format will be used instead of the "ibid" format. 
5) Saving a chart, reloading it, deleting some boxes, then closing it now works correctly.
6) Reorganizing a reloaded chart no longer causes a problem.

1) Custom Media Reports - Flags: the "Filter" options now include the flag names in only the current program language.

1) Punctuation preceding the [NOSEP] code in an annotation is now preserved.
2) A family marked "exclude", with all family events marked "exclude", should now be omitted correctly from reports. No children will be followed, either.
3) Sentence templates have been corrected to recognize sentence terminators in the template preceding a template code.
4) Descendant reports: When the number of generations is limited in options, the "child has main entry" indicator (+) on children is now correctly omitted on the terminating generation, and the child paragraph contains the "child (no main entry)" contents.
5) Narrative reports: child paragraph formatting is no longer implemented by using RTF tables.
6) All style sets are now named in saved RTF files, for convenience when editing outside Genbox.
7) Footnotes: corrected the "*" display problem on the Individual Events report.
8) Ancestor Narrative: child content has been corrected.
9) Place names: "the" flag now works correctly for English language.
10) Table of content entries are now included only when a TOC is included. This avoids Word's inability to save RTF TOC entries correctly, which can lead to doubled headers on reload.
11) "Show Main Entries for All Individuals" now correctly shows child lists with the "child (has main entry)" content.
12) Children with no events: double names corrected on Outline Descendant and Descendant Narrative.
13) Endnote numbering on reports to default RTF application is now correct.
14) Font styles for table-based reports (Family Group Report, Custom Reports) for output to RTF/HTML have been corrected.
15) Child block intro line: corrected use of commas in some instances.
16) Child blocks: the routine that sorts children into relationship groups for the child blocks has been corrected.
17) Places: the double space after a place modifier with no place has been corrected.
18) The "." characters now appear in back references only when needed to separate a number from a name.
19) Descendant Reports: a key individual with no children is now shown.
20) Calendar reports: text for each day is now clipped if it is taller than the day box.
21) Calendar reports: for RTF output, page breaks now appear normally.
22) Adjusted line wrap for RTF to more closely match wrap of internal viewer.

1) Alignment of single-column custom reports to RTF and HTML has been corrected.
2) Corrected alignment between master fields / multi-record fields.
3) The routine that breaks table rows too tall to fit on the current page has been corrected.
4) Places Reports: nations are now shown as place level 6, and local sites as place level 1, for consistency with other parts of program.
5) Custom Event Reports: "Primary" on birth events is now the individual born, and "Other" is the father.
6) Custom Correspondence Reports: contact fields are now output correctly.

1) Rich text on custom HTML reports is now being converted correctly.
2) The special characters and [ appearing in notes or sentence templates no longer cause problems with underlining and other formatting.

1) Spouse media: corrected placement/inclusion for preferred spouse/other spouse.
2) Child paragraphs with media: text taller than the picture will now wrap beneath picture.
3) Narrative reports with media: corrected media placements for media margins left/right, text margins left/right, and above/below text.
4) Custom Individual Reports: media captions/descriptions are now formatted correctly.
5) Alignment of spouse pictures with spouse text has been corrected. 
6) Single Column Individual Report with all Individual Media now works correctly.
7) Master Media: The settings "Info in Frames" and "Empty Frames" are now implemented for RTF and HTML.
8) Child event media now appears only once. Previously, it sometimes appeared first at an earlier placement, before the start of the child paragraphs.
9) Media in a table row that is split between two pages now appears only once.
10) Custom Individual Reports: Event Media is now synchronized.
11) Corrected text separation from media.
12) Corrected placement of right-aligned media.
13) Corrected centering of media titles.
14) Fixed placement of media for child paragraphs.
15) When the (individual) media setting for child paragraphs is set to exclude, event media for events in child paragraphs is now also excluded.

Numerous other problems were corrected.

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