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Release Notes: Version 3.4.0 (March 26, 2005)


1) For the UNICODE version: If the GEDCOM CHAR tag is followed by a numeric value greater than 100, it will be interpreted as the codepage value to use when converting non-ASCII character codes to UNICODE. This allows nonstandard GEDCOM files that were written using, say, a Cyrillic character set (codepage 1251), to be loaded successfully.

1) The witness list template codes [WW] and [WWR] can now take a "plural" parameter, indicated by appending a double quote character, as in [WW"]. This template code will only be filled if there are two or more matching witnesses to display.
2) The witness template codes with roles [WW:role] and [WWR:role] can now take an ending wildcard, as in [WW:god*]. This will match all roles beginning with the indicated partial string, as for this example, [WW:godfather] and [WW:godmother].

1) IPTC data for Headline and Caption embedded in JPEG and TIFF files is now displayed on the File Preview dialog when selecting media to add to the library.
2) IPTC data embedded in JPEG and TIFF files is now used to initialize fields for new media records: "Headline" (or "Object Name" if Headline is empty) initializes the Title field. "Caption" and "Date Created" initialize corresponding fields. "Special Instructions" initializes the Description field.

1) Added separate "Import Data from GEDCOM File" and "Import Data from Genbox Database" menu options. This allows the default file open paths to be different for each file type.

1) Witnessed events can now be marked for exclusion from reports.

1) Convergent Charts: Added option "Converge on Direct Lines Only". When checked, only direct line (blood) relationships will be followed when looking for a convergent ancestor or descendant.

1) Added ancestor chart option "Duplicate ancestor". When checked, an ancestor that appears more than once in the pedigree will be shown in a duplicate box, with a reference to the original box that continues the ascent. If not checked, the chart will be drawn with a single box for the ancestor. The reference text is drawn in the "Link Reference" font. It consists of a letter (A, B, C, etc.) in brackets.
2) "Pedigree Links" is now enabled for "Related" charts. When selected, the ancestral portion will be drawn with pedigree links.

1) Deleting a box no longer causes the chart to be reorganized automatically. This preserves any box position changes already made on the chart.
2) Added right-click menu option "Reorganize Chart". This will close up any empty space created by deleting boxes. It will also remove any box position changes made by user.

1) Report Sections Page: sections can be marked "exclude". This will prevent them from being included on the report.

1) Added "Filter main record" checkbox to filter options. When a filter on a field in a subrecord (such as event records for an individual) has been defined, this option can be used to determine whether a failed filter match should cause the entire main record to be omitted from the report. If not checked, only the subrecord is omitted.
2) Filtering for missing subrecords: using a match pattern of "!*" on a subrecord ID field, only main records that do NOT have subrecords of the specified type will be returned.

1) Text is now wrapped around pictures placed at the left or right text or media margins.

1) German event templates have been added (109).

1) Check Links: place levels are now checked for place name records and event records.

1) Made some slight changes to chart and report options files.
2) Added new report options file for "Pedigree Condensed".


1) Saved window layout is restored after import completes.
2) When appending data from a GEDCOM file and original ID numbers are not being retained, data records are now properly renumbered.

1) Citations not linked to exported data are now excluded.
2) Dates with years in range 1 to 999 are no longer appended with "A.D.".
3) Privacy text in notes is now exported with the surrounding markers when "Override Privacy Flags/Marks" is checked.
4) The "Sources--linked only" option now works correctly.
5) Fieldcodes with numeric ID references are now exported correctly: if the referenced data is in the export, the numeric ID is updated to match the
new ID in the exported Genbox database. If the referenced data is not in the export, the corresponding text (such as the person's name for an
I-code or N-code) is substituted in place of the fieldcode. That way the note should read correctly when viewed in the new database.
6) The default options for an unspecified receiving system now omit embedded source citations and field codes in notes. This makes the resulting GEDCOM compatible with the widest number of receiving systems.

1) ALT+VU is now the shortcut for opening the Source Templates View. Previously, it was ALT+VO, which conflicted with the shortcut for opening the Correspondence Log View.

1) Initial sort order for children has been corrected.

1) Corrected some problems with defining new tags.

1) Witnesses with roles in conditional brackets are now processed correctly.
2) The [WW:role] parameter now works correctly.
3) Corrected the [0L] field code to return just the place modifier.

1) Corrected sorting of template names.

1) Autocompletion: an ending comma now prevents autocompletion on the current level; higher levels can still autocomplete. An ending space prevents autocompletion on all higher levels.
2) Spaces before a comma and extra spaces after a comma are removed on input.

1) When the level of a place is changed to/from "Local Site", linked event records are now updated correctly.

1) Corrected storage of characters entered from double-byte character sets (DBCS). This includes Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.
2) Vietnamese characters entered with Unikey program are now stored correctly (using Codepage 1258 option).

1) Clicking the "S" toolbar button when the text cursor is in a bracketed source citation now brings the Citations View to the front, even when it was already open.

1) Hierarchy Page: creating a subobjective now works correctly.

1) When the output language is changed, the event templates used for output are now updated without requiring a restart.

1) Join conditions for "Ind1 the same as Ind2", and similar conditions, have been corrected.

1) Ancestor charts: common ancestors are now shown in duplicate boxes by default.
2) Ancestor charts: the cross-link style "Cross reference" no longer causes the (normal) pedigree links to be omitted.
3) The "Link center" option is now working for "Related" charts with a single key.
4) The superfluous spouse-number label on parent links to boxes showing only one spouse have been removed.
5) When a background picture is stretched to fit a chart frame, the white gap around the right and bottom edges of the image no longer appears.
6) Extra line crossings that could occur on ancestor charts with a restricted number of generations have been corrected.
7) When closing a chart that has been edited, the prompt to save changes now works correctly.
8) Media inclusion for spouses when "Single Box for Couples" is set to "No" has been corrected.
9) Media Captions: Font selection has been corrected.
10) Media Captions: Context-independent template codes are now supported.
11) The "Find Text" function has been corrected for use after a chart is reloaded. Date text now matches. Also, searching in legend text and picture captions now works correctly.
12) Background pictures are now saved and reloaded correctly. Stretched pictures also resize when the width or height of the chart changes.

1) Saving options for a Citations Report now works correctly.
2) Detail Page: "Place Modifier" now works correctly for non-narrative reports.
3) Format Page: initial page number is now used.
4) When the "Select List" button is clicked, and then the close box on the main window is clicked, the program now closes normally.

1) A trailing space following an escaped punctuation character, as in "\< ", is now output correctly.
2) An escaped curly brace in note text that is included by an event template code of [G] or [R] is now output correctly.
3) Custom reports: Individual Identifier Types can now by selected for output.
4) Custom reports: Citations for an event are attached to the first non-excluded, non-blank field.
5) Narrative reports: citations on children individual general notes now appear in their primary formatting on first occurrence.
6) When a general or research note is not "in text", any embedded citations are now shown with "in-place" formatting (parentheses surrounding the note; internal parenthesis converted to square brackets; citation appears immediately after the text to which it applies).
7) Backslashes and curly braces stored in individual identifiers now display correctly on reports.
8) Custom Individual Reports: "Given Name" and "Surname" are now restricted to name-class identifiers.
9) When both the Local Site and Place for an event have a citation, and "Detail" options say NOT to merge citations to a single note at the end of the sentence, separate footnote numbers for the local site and place now appear.
10) Footnotes: placement on the same page as the note number in the body text has been improved. Long footnotes can also continue on the next page.
11) Outline Descendant and Condensed Pedigree reports: display of connecting lines has been corrected for RTF output (MSWord) and also for HTML.
12) Family Group Report: spouses of children are now shown even when marriage date and place are empty.
13) Pedigree Report: the maximum number of generations supported has been increased from 32 to 128.

1) Text vertical start position with multiple media in left/right margin has been corrected.
2) Selecting event/place media without also selecting primary media is now working correctly.
3) Corrected media placement options on Family Group Report.
4) Corrected sizing of matte.

1) Font selection has been corrected.
2) Source citations are now supported.
3) Context-independent template codes are now supported. Referenced individuals and places will appear in the report index.
4) Added 1/10" spacing between pictures and captions/titles.
5) Media titles/captions now output correctly to RTF.

1) Picture Tool Dialog: font placement options have been corrected.

1) Attempting to upgrade a database structure to the latest version when the trial period has expired now works correctly. Previously, the "Read-Only" operating mode would cause an error.
2) The "Restore" command is now correctly removed from the Database View window when multiple databases are opened.
3) Match Finder: matching on death date now works correctly.
4) Problems Spotter: Invalid events after death corrected.
5) Help Documentation has been updated.
6) Spell Checker: when exiting the "Spell Check is Complete" dialog, changes are now saved correctly.

Numerous other minor problems were corrected.

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