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Release Notes: Version 3.1.6 (November 29, 2003)


1) Added a "Home Individual" tool button. Click to move to the designated home individual for the current database. If already at the home individual, opens the individual pick dialog where a new home individual can be selected.

1) "Home Individual" (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+HOME) will show the home individual on the Individuals View.
2) "Set home individual..." will open the Individuals Pick Dialog, allowing you to select the individual you want to designate as the "home" individual.

1) Added birth subtype "Stillborn". This event type is recognized as both a birth and death event for computing life spans.
2) Updated templates for Danish and Norwegian (special thanks to Bjarne Dein).
3) New page: "Links". Displays a list of event records of the current event template type. Double-click to jump to the event record.

1) The event type list has been expanded to four columns (Class, Tag, Language, Name). You can sort by clicking on any of the headers. The sort buttons in the previous version have been removed.
2) The "Full set" checkbox has been renamed to "Fill" and moved to the right of the Event Group pick list.
3) The "Language" pick lists now display the languages with defined templates first, followed by the number of templates defined in that language.
4) If the tag is edited, a confirmation dialog appears asking whether events linked to the original tag should be updated to the new tag.

1) Subtypes now include templates for "brief" and "abbreviation", in forward and reverse directions. These can be used on charts and in child lists on reports.
2) Subtype prompts are now reversible as well.
3) A "Forward/Reverse" direction button was added.

1) Principals of an event can now be added as witnesses. This can be useful when they serve additional roles, or when you wish to record that a father was physically present at a child's birth.
2) The "Reverse" button has been moved next to the Event Type link button. Previously, it was located before the template label.

1) On the Operation Page, you can specify whether the starting individual should be the one last viewed (in the previous session) or the home individual.

Improved options for handling crosslinks are introduced in this version.
1) Layout Page: the "Show Spouse in Same Box" group has been renamed "Single Box for Couples", with choices "When possible" and "No".
2) Layout Page: added option "Stagger Leaves". When selected, runs of child boxes with no descendant boxes will alternate in the level they are drawn, which can reduce chart width by 20% to 50% when there are many children shown. This option is independent of the "Generational Alignment" setting, so you can have staggered leaves but otherwise have "strict" generational alignment.
2) Detail Page: new options for "Family Box Pairs - Duplicate Spouse Data". For adjacent family pair boxes, choices are "Omit spouse data", "Full spouse data", "Spouse name only". For non-adjacent spouses, the same choices are available.
3) Links Page (new): added options for handling crosslinks on chart: Omit, Dashed line (default), and Cross-reference. The cross-reference choice produces labels of the form "(A)", "(B)", "(C"), etc. for each crosslink. The labels appear on short stubs beneath the boxes being linked. No line is drawn between each pair. This option is attractive when the crosslinks become a distraction when attempting to read the chart.
4) Links Page: added font button for cross-reference labels.
5) Format Page: event labels use the new subtype templates for "abbreviation" or "brief", independently selectable for basic events and other events.

1) Restructured "relaxed levels" chart design. The improved design reduces the number of crosslinks and potential for overlapped boxes.
2) When a chart is closed, its options window is automatically brought to the top.

1) Reports now include adoptive and other non-biological children, with the relationships stated in the introductory sentence before the child block.
2) Child lists on narrative reports use the new subtype templates for "abbreviation", "brief", or "full", independently selectable for basic events and other events.
3) When a report is closed, its options window is automatically brought to the top.

1) Previous list sort orders are now remembered on next open for the following lists: Summary page children; Event Templates list, Correspondence Log, and Lists View.
2) The record IDs of the last viewed records in the main view tables are now stored in the database and are used to restore the last viewed records on reload.


1) Encoded UNICODE characters in notes (of the form "\uxxx?") are converted to the equivalent UNICODE character or ANSEL character(s).
2) Corrected problem deleting the default "Individuals" list when exporting partial data sets.

1) Corrected problems importing some characters in UTF-8 encoding.
2) Double dates with a single-digit second year (as in 1703/4) are now imported the same as double dates with the standard two-digit second year (1703/04).
3) TMG sensitivity markers (the {curly braces}) are now recognized when they appear on identifiers, names, attributes, and event text, in addition to their appearance in notes. The sensitive text is marked with the Genbox privacy markers (the [[double brackets]]) and placed in the general notes.

1) Attributes are now sorted first by Attribute Type, and second by Event Date of the defining event.

1) Searching by tag name has been corrected.

1) The "Default" language choice is now properly initialized to the system default language.
2) The "main" country for some languages is now shown on the pick list when non-obvious.

1) Events added on the Summary page during Source Lock Mode now receive an automatic source citation.
2) The "S" checkmarks are now cleared when all citations to an event have been deleted.

1) Problems with data entry and display of source citations for places (place names, place name general notes, place name research notes, place general notes, and place research notes) have been corrected.

1) The "Credibility" setting of "Very Low" is now saved correctly.

1) Age, spouse added during Source Lock Mode now receive an automatic source citation.

1) All family links are now counted in the family numbering. Previously, only displayed family links were counted.
2) Events marked exclude are now omitted.
3) Corrected zero-width box problem on timeline charts.

1) Source citations on parent links now appear after both parent names and child names.
2) Row heights following pictures are now calculated correctly.
3) Media links are now saved with the report when saving in native format.
4) Event "text" data is now included when event detail is set to "Full".
5) A Fill-in form with event types set to "All" now shows the full list of events.
6) "Other Partner" now appears instead of "Other Spouse" when appropriate.
7) The appearance of year ranges for unknown spouses has been solved.
8) Bolding on year ranges is now consistently omitted.

1) On narrative reports, source citations on parent links now appear on first occurrence of either parent or child.
2) Family source citations appear after the first occurrence of the spouse/partner name.
3) Rich text formatting (such as "\par") on Research Target Description information is now properly processed.
4) Families without a marriage event that are marked as partners are not shown as married nor with shared surnames.
5) For a Places Custom report, "Select All" on the Places Pick Dialog has been corrected.
6) A problem preventing some place name levels from appearing in the index has been corrected.
7) Extra commas in place names on the child block introductory sentence have been suppressed.

1) Closing the Sources View no longer causes the event record displayed on the Individuals View to change.
2) The sample box on the Chart Options Key page now displays the box for the most recently selected key individual.
3) The New/Delete Main Record toolbar buttons are now disabled when the Data Setup View is active.
4) A number of problems with queries have been corrected.
5) Magnifying an Events note on a newly added event now shows the entered text correctly.
6) The places "recent" flag is now initialized with the proper tag name for newly imported databases.

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