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Release Notes: Version 3.1.5 (October 17, 2003)


1) Unknown spouses are now numbered, using a negative sequence. This allows children with two or more different unknown spouses/partners to be entered, and family events with multiple unknown spouses/partners can be entered.
2) The "Partners" flag on the Family page for a family record with an unknown spouse will change the designation of "unknown spouse" to "unknown partner".
3) The "Spouse" label changes to "Partner" when the current individual has only one family record and it has the "Partner" flag set. The label changes to "Family1", "Family2", etc. when the current individual has more than one family record.

1) Families for each individual are now sorted by the date of the first family event. Previously, they were sorted by marriage date. NOTE: You will need to run "Refresh Links" in existing databases to update this sort.


1) The template code "T" used to work for any of the secondary event data values: event text, attribute, name variation, identifier, or contact address. Beginning with this version, "T" substitutes only for event text or attribute. "N" must be used for name variation/identifier, and "C" for contact address. This is in preparation for a future version which will support multiple secondary data values in event records.


1) Corrected ANSEL conversion problem with lowercase "eth" character (looks like a curled "d" with a slash).
2) Corrected ANSEL conversion problems with lowercase "i" plus diacritic (coming from TMG, which coded them as "dotless i" plus diacritic).
3) Sensitiviy markings in TMG notes (the {curly braces}) are now converted to privacy markings (the [[double brackets]]).
4) A leading "@" character in a CONC or CONT line is now handled as normal text.
5) Corrected missing window title.

1) Choosing "Select...", then "Select All" now works correctly.
2) If individual context to export does not include "Name Variaitions", and no name for an individual is marked "Principal", the first name will be output.
3) Corrected missing window title.
4) The Export View now remains open when the File Dialog is cancelled.

1) Corrected a problem loading/saving notes longer than 4049 characters that could cause the addition of doubled characters (UNICODE version) or garbage characters (ANSI version), with the potential for additional occurrences at 4092-character intervals. This problem only affects notes longer than 4049 characters that have been viewed since version 3.1.0.
2) A right curly brace "}" in the note text no longer causes truncation of the note at that position.

1) Automatic capitalization of names enclosed in double quotes has been corrected.

1) Corrected problems inserting files longer than 32000 characters and files containing curly braces.

1) Children missing birth dates can now be sorted (by dragging) after other children that do have birth dates.

1) Entry of source citations for the event text field is now enabled.
2) Autocompletion/pick dialog prompting for entry of witness names has been corrected.
3) Jumping by double-clicking on child/spouse/other indiividual will now keep the same event record open under the new individual's main record.
4) After clicking on other tabs, such as the Summary tab, then returning to the Events page, the last viewed event will still be shown.

1) Changing the language setting on a tag now causes the language setting on associated roles and templates to also be updated.
2) Copying a tag or adding a copy of a tag in the selected language now causes the associated templates and roles to be copied as well.

1) Sort dates no longer appear in the preview (3.1.4 problem).
2) If the event template record has a blank language field, the user is now prompted whether all blank language fields should be initialized with the current program language.
3) If an event template record for the tag in the current program language does not exist, the user is now prompted if one should be created before the dialog opens.

1) Notes Page: corrected "Source" data entry to open Source Pick Dialog for unmatched/ambiguous name entry, and added support for Source ID entry.
2) Events Page: corrected Event Type drop-down list to recognized typed entries. The DEL key can also be used to clear the field.

1) Operation page: corrected problem selecting "RTF Default Application" for report output (3.1.4 problem).

1) If the "[...]" keyword is missing from the Default Name template in the GLOBAL template record, the global template will now be ignored, and the local template will be used.

1) If you add a new source template then change the level to "Document" or "Document in Source", the name of the new source is now updated correctly.

1) Secondary "Unknown" spouses and their descendants are now included.
2) Spouses are numbered according to date of first family event.
3) Families marked "Exclude" are not counted when numbering the remaining spouses.
4) Text styles are reset for each note.

1) Sentences beginning with a [D] code, [CR], [TAB], [BOLD], etc. are now capitalized properly.
2) Source citations for event text, identifiers, and contact addresses are now included.
3) When the event place is a just a modifier with no place link, such as "at sea", and the surety on the date is not greater than that of the place, the [D+L] code will show the place first, as in "She died at sea in October, 1818".
4) Families marked as "partners" are no longer designated husband/wife on narrative reports.
5) Numbering of marriages now skips partner families.
6) For event templates that consist solely of "[G]" or "[R]" (and optional "[CR]"), the narrative report generator will now assume the notes contain one or more complete sentences, and no changes to punctuation will be performed.
7) The style option "Brackets on notes to distinguish" now works correctly when sent to the external RTF application.
8) The Table of Contents page numbers are now shown in the same font regardless of header level.
9) A blank line was added between Bibliography entries (3.1.4 problem).
10) Spacing of endnotes in external RTF application now match spacing of internal viewer.

1) Invalid default file paths are now set to blank when initializaing the File Open dialog.
2) Uppercase formatting of non-ASCII characters has been corrected.
3) The "Research Notes" field labels now track their splitter positions.
4) Corrected some problems with saving the current selection on filtered pick dialogs.
5) Improved several message prompts dealing with languages and linking individuals.

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