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Release Notes: Version 3.0.22 (June 27, 2003)


1) Both blood and marital relationships are now calculated by default. Relationship can be restricted to blood only.
2) Relationships are displayed in a list.
3) A more detailed "linkage" can be displayed for each relationship, which includes the common ancestor(s).
4) Autocompletion added to data entry of individual names.
5) When the Chart View is open, selecting a chart box will cause the dialog to show the relationship between the first person and the individual in the chart box.
6) When the Individuals View is active, the relationship with the current individual will be shown.

1) The spelling in notes fields can be checked by pressing function key F7 or selecting "Spell Checker" from the Tools Menu.
2) An 88,000-word English (U.S.) dictionary is included. Other dictionaries will be made available in the future.
3) Options for the highlighted misspelled word are Ignore, Ignore All, Add, Change, Change All.
4) A list of suggested corrections is presented, with the most likely one highlighted.
5) Options for words to skip are "Ignore capitalized words", "Ignore words in uppercase", "Ignore words with numbers", "Ignore internet and file addresses".
6) A main dictionary, a user dictionary, and a word file of common misspellings are supported.
7) Words in both dictionaries can be deleted. Entries in the user dictionary can be merged into the main dictionary.

1) The new "Magnify Place" dialog allows you to easily position name parts at the correct levels. It is also used when the "Confirm New Places" option has been set.
2) The dialog also allows you to control the Place Modifier on the current event.
3) The dialog also allows you to enter a "Street Address" for the current local site.
4) The dialog can be activated when positioned in a place field: press function key F5 or select "Magnify Place" from the right-click context menu.

1) The new "Notes" view allows you to see the contents of the notes for an individual, event, identifier, family, source, place, etc. in a larger preview window.
2) Both general notes and research notes appear, each on a separate tab.
3) The "Spell Checker" function will check the spelling of the words in the note and make suggestions for corrections.
4) The "Insert File" function will insert the contents of the selected plain text file at the current cursor position.
5) The "Write File" function will write the contents of the current selection or the entire note to the specified TXT or RTF filename.
6) The "Wordwrap" function will remove hard returns in the current selection or the entire note.
7) The view can be activated by pressing function key F5 while the text cursor is in a notes field.
8) The Notes View is modeless, which means you can jump between the Notes View and other views.

1) The "Postal" name flag is now enabled for all place levels, where it can be used to mark names that are actually street addresses.
2) The Places General Page now shows a "Postal Name" for the place. This can be a street address, a postal abbreviation, or any alternate postal designation. This is a link to the first name marked "Postal" on the Places Names Page.
3) Variant output formatting choices now include "Standard (<wording> variant)".
4) A new preferences option to show place level numbers after place names is now available (inside program only).
5) The "Well-known city" flag now affects output only. Well-known cities will be displayed with the full place levels when inside the program.
6) A leading number in a local site is no longer considered a place modifier and will be stored with the place name.
7) Commas are now allowed in place modifiers, so that a place entry of "the master bedroom, second floor, of his summer home at 2258 Romano, Naples, Italy" would store "2258 Romano" as the local site (street address), "Naples, Italy" as the place and the rest of the text in the event record as the place modifier.

1) Added a new field named "Tag" to Individual, Media, and Place flag definitions. This field provides a language-independent way to identify flags, allowing the "Name" to be changed by the user to their own language.
2) A new individual flag named "Skip Problems Check" (tag XPRB) has been added. When marked for an individual, the Problems Spotter will not check the individual for problems. This flag can be used when an individual was previously identified as having a problem but you have confirmed there is none.

1) The column widths on list boxes are now remembered when resized.
2) Right-clicking on a list box header brings up a context menu that includes the option "Reset Column Widths".
3) The "Windows: Reset Splitter Bars" menu function has been renamed to "Reset Partitions". When selected, both the splitter bar positions and list box column widths for the current window tab page are now reset to their defaults.

1) Added the option "Maximum rows". When set to a value greater than zero, this limits the number of table rows on the report. This feature is useful when you are interested in seeing only the first few pages of the report.
2) Made improvements in speed of generation.

1) The "push pins" have been removed from the Relationship Calculator, Soundex Calculator, Date Calculator, and Date Converter tools. When opened, they become tool windows that remain open until closed, and can be used while interacting with the other views.

1) The shortcut for "Previous Window" has been changed from F7 to SHIFT+F8. This shortcut follows logically from the shortcut for "Next Window", which is F8.
2) New Option: on the Tools Menu, "Spell Checker". The shortcut key is F7. This will check the spelling in the current rich text note field.
3) New Option: on the Tools Menu, a link to the system Character Map tool has been added for inserting special characters.

1) The new option "Magnify" opens a specialized data entry window for the current data field. For places, it is the new "Confirm Place Entry" dialog. For notes, it is the new "Notes Entry" dialog. This function is also implemented for the event sentence template field and media. A future version will include additional magnify views.
2) The shortcut for "Magnify" is function key 5 (F5).
3) SHIFT+F5 can be used to open multiple magnify windows (as for multiple Notes Views).

1) Added the option "Maximize Windows: Main Application" (default). When the check box is cleared, the next time the main application window opens it will be in its previous size and position rather than maximized.
2) Rearranged windows options onto two tab pages, with second page labeled "Colors".
3) Added a color option choice for the new Notes View.
4) Added option to show place level numbers after place names (inside program only).


1) Selecting "Fixed Window Size" now resets all saved window sizes to the default, so that when switching later to "Remember Size" windows will begin with the default size rather than remembering the size before when "Fixed" was selected.

1) Edited/added event templates are now reflected on the Individuals View without needing to close/reopen the database first.
2) New event template records where the template sentences are left blank will be given default sentences.

1) Corrected problems exporting/importing source citations embedded in notes.
2) Corrected problem with some notes beginning with "(Research):" not being properly identified.
3) Individual, Place, and Media flags now use the newly added tags (when not empty) rather than names for language-independent data transfer.
4) Corrected problems exporting/importing place flags.
5) Export settings for privacy are now corrected to include/exclude note text marked private.
6) Imported files missing a charset tag now default to the current system code page rather than ANSEL.

1) Corrected problem using lists for styles/content sets.

1) Corrected problem with "No wrap" option and narrow margins that would sometimes cause table rows to be skipped.
2) Sorting on number of source links now works correctly when numbers exceed 1000.

1) Corrected another case where "invalid events after death" would appear incorrectly.

1) Showing links for a particular place name variant on the Places Links page has been corrected.

1) Members on the Potential Problems and Possible Duplicates lists can now be deleted. The Potential Problems list can also be copied.
2) Members on the Query Results lists can also be copied and pasted.

1) Maximized windows: the missing help button has been restored.
2) The problem causing edits sometimes to be lost when moving from a data view window to a tools window has been corrected.
3) The Relationships Report would sometimes incorrectly show a relative related to a spouse rather than the primary individual. This has been corrected.
4) Corrected check/repair tool to recognize the "contact links" query as being correct.
5) The current selection in notes fields is now remembered when the focus is lost and later regained.
6) Better support for system code pages has been added.

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