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Release Notes: Version 3.0.21 (May 16, 2003)


1) Searching on Individual ID (supporting comparisons < and >) has been added.
2) Double quotes can be used around text to prevent the default wildcards from being added.
3) Searching on Citation Where in Source, Lead Text, Annotation, or Source has been added.

1) Saved lists are now grouped under list type subheadings: Individuals, Sources, Places, etc.
2) The category "Saved Lists" and the new subheadings can now be selected, as "lists of lists".
3) A confirmation dialog has been added for deletion of lists with members.

1) On the Cited Sources page, separate "Exclude" flags now exist for the annotation text, lead text, and the citation as a whole.
2) On the Assertion page, a column "X" was added to show/edit the exclude citation flags.

1) "Other" reports have been replaced with separate reports of each data type: Individuals, Places, Sources, Media, Researchers, Correspondence Log, Research Targets, Projects, and Lists. Custom report options files of each type can be defined and added as submenus.
2) Lists Report: Additional reporting fields have been added for lists and list members.
3) Individuals Report: a new field category named "Special" has been added. It has two fields available. "Relationship to First Key" and "List Member Description".
4) The "Relationships" Other Report Type has been removed; relationships reports are now accomplished by simply adding the new "Relationship to First Key" report field on the Individuals report type.
5) The new "List Member Description" report field on the Individuals Report can be used to display the special text associated with Potential Problems Lists.
6) The "Information in Frames" master media option now includes information about the linked data.
7) On the Key Page, check boxes for "Default Key" and "Default List" have been added to directly control whether a default key and/or list appear when the report options file is opened.
8) On the Key Page, an option "Flatten rows" has been added for custom reports in table layout: rows having cells with multiple values will be divided into multiple rows with no more than one value in each cell. This option provides more places for page breaks and reduces wasted space.
9) The "Not" indicator ("!") can be used on text filter values to exclude records with the specified value.

1) Individuals: "Events", "Date Range", "Links", "Relationships"
2) Places: "Local Sites"
3) Sources: "Links"
4) Lists: "Potential Problems". Note: Problems Spotter must be run first.
5) Lists: "Possible Duplicates": Note: Duplicates Tool must be run first.

1) Added error checking for valid list type and list already selected.

1) Legacy notes marked "(Research):" are now imported as Research notes instead of General notes.
2) The CAUS (cause) tag on a DEAT (death) event is now stored to the event text field rather than to General notes.

1) Added support for "Other" as a Sex type, for individuals identified other than male or female, sometimes called "intersex" or "hermaphrodite".
2) "Check Links" now also checks for orphaned individual identifiers.

1) A Glossary was added. (Note: the updated help file is not included in the patch file)


1) Corrections were made to using the long identifier fields: you can search for individuals which match one or both identifiers entered.
2) Wildcards have been changed on the identifier fields, making it easier to search for given names, surnames, or combinations, with or without the use of slash characters to mark the surname.
3) Searching on "total number of citations" has been corrected. Note: existing databases will need to run "repair database" before the corrected query will be installed.

1) Correspondence, Researchers Reports: the default lists now work correctly to show all records.
2) Correspondence Report: the details field is now shown in rich text.
3) Projects Report: the description field is now shown in rich text.
4) Media on children paragraphs no longer appears twice.
5) Overlapping media in Word has been corrected.
6) For "Register" format, children names now default to full rather than given only.
7) Styles: selecting "ID Numbers" no longer affects inclusion of birth-death years as well.
8) Corrected generation of default save filenames to avoid use of colon (illegal in filenames), which would cause file dialog to fail to appear.

1) For individuals with multiple birth events, invalid events are flagged only before the first birth event.

1) The Description field has been corrected to fully support rich text, which should correct the "not sticking" problem observed by some users.

1) The details field now fully supports rich text.

1) Corrected problems with copying and pasting non-individual record lists and records.

1) The description field now fully supports rich text.

1) The media button now allows jumping to and deletion of media with bad file paths or unrecognized data formats.

1) Family Page: after selecting a new family event type, the date column becomes the next column for data entry, not the place column.

1) The new custom reports and the Calendar report no longer show "Shared" options files, as most of their settings are not equivalent with other report types.

1) Added missing integrity check on startup for media table.
2) Importing from Genbox database: extra Individuals View and Database View are no longer opened.
3) Entering temporary license: preferences are now preserved.
4) The DELETE key now works correctly when editing the list names on the List View tree and the Project Hierarchy page.

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