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Version 3.0.15 (Feb. 22, 2003)


1) "QUAY" tags on events (nonstandard GEDCOM) are now recognized as surety.
2) "LVNG" tag now recognized (nonstandard).
3) Error/warning reporting has been improved.

1) Individual Names: new option "Show birth-death years".

1) The Styles page now allows you to select upper/lower case for fonts. For primary name and spouse name, you can also choose uppercase surname.

1) Formatting Page: A "Toggle Codes" button allows you to view either the source templates or formatting.
2) Custom formatting is now accomplished with a custom template instead of editing the generated formatting directly.

1) A "blank" sentence template of "<>" can be used to prevent an event sentence from appearing on narrative reports. This is different than setting the "exclude" flag for the event, which causes the report to treat the event record as if it didn't exist.
2) The template variable [OP] has been added for "Other Individual - Possessive".

1) Searches on incomplete dates are now widened into range: "1926" will find all dates from 1 Jan 1926 through 31 Dec 1926.

1) New Windows Menu option: "Save Layout". This saves the current open data view windows, including their size and position, as the default windows to open when a database is opened.

1) TAB characters can be inserted into notes fields by selecting "Insert TAB" from the right-click menu.
2) Summary Page: the Name field now displays the storage format only when the cursor is in the field.


1) A problem with importing/exporting Genbox witness data has been corrected.
2) Problems with exporting to a Genbox database have been corrected.

1) The presence of a "MARR_NOT" or "MARR_UNKN" event will now be recognized by Genbox as indicating the primary and spouse should not be described as married.
2) Individuals missing events sometimes had their names omitted; that has been corrected.
3) Witnessed family events are now shown with the correct spouse.
4) Duplicate ancestors are now recognized on the Pedigree Report.
5) The "born and died" problem with child block introductory lines has been corrected.
6) The "Direct Lineage" option on the "Descendants to Follow" dropdown list now works correctly.
7) Family Group Reports now show spouses of children on family events.

1) The Citation Excerpt "Exclude" flag is now working correctly.

1) A blank at the end of the source name no longer causes the "Source not found; add new record?" problem.
2) The problem with repositories on the Formatting page has been corrected.

1) Minor corrections were made to the "Document (General)" template.

1) Templates for baptism and christening were corrected for proper directional context.
2) The template variable [A] (age of primary at event, as a number of years) now works correctly.

1) Problems searching on an event place have been corrected.

1) JPG images with header offsets now load and display correctly.
2) Sizing for the List View is now properly saved.
3) File Menu: "Save As..." now works correctly for databases.
4) Problems with exporting to Genbox Database format have been corrected.
5) Places (the "Chapel Hill" problem): routine that identifies local sites now checks for keywords only at end of place part name or followed by "of".
6) Place Pick Dialog: using search criteria of "Higher Place" now works correctly.
7) Individuals View: ordering of children is delayed when new children are being added to prevent "line jumping".
8) Balloon help for the toolbar "Find" and "Search" binoculars has been added.

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